April news letter

This is our first news letter since we launched our new web site. I will be giving you information every month of what to expect from our services for the month and what we are seeing in the field. In April we will start mowing weekly and the pest control company will be treating for broadleaf weeds and sedge and crab grass if you are on our on those programs.

March is known as the transition month. The St. Augustine turf will start to come out of dormancy  and start turning  green. This year was unusual as it seems as March and February have traded places. February was one of the warmest on record and March had a lot of cold days and frost fell on the turf on several occasions. So the turf was confused and came out of dormancy early then the frost kicked it back. As a result the turf is having a difficult time coming out of dormancy especially west of interstate 95.

Our pest control program is one of the best in the county. One draw back is that you are going to see more weeds in the late March – April time frame. The good news however is that while the weeds are taking in our fertilizer at a fast rate they will also take in our herbicide at a fast rate this is due to the fertilizer being applied in March. You will see most weeds die in 1-2 weeks, dollar weeds however will take 3-4 weeks.

For our full service maintenance customers we should have your winter cutbacks completed. Please call the office if this task has not been completed at your property. Oak leaves are still falling 🙁 and should continue until mid April. Most azaleas have stopped blooming and can be cut back now. Azaleas set there bloom by the end of July so they shouldn’t be trimmed after July. Ligustrums are setting their blooms now so should not trim them until they finish blooming some time in May.